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Samuel Workman

Professor, Data & Statistical Consultant, West Virginian


Samuel Workman

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The word “confluence” means the juncture or merging of things, usually rivers. I grew up in West Virginia near the confluence of Gauley River (world-class whitewater for you rafters) and Meadow River (a smallmouth bass fishing haven). The word confluence is also an apt description of how the intellectual currents of my work converge. My work sits at the confluence of statistics, data science, and public policy. Were these rivers, data science would undoubtedly be the smallest. Though its…

The County

Respect my authoritah!

Samuel Workman

10 minutes read

I’ve titled this post ‘The County’. Back home in West Virginia, people often refer to entities of government by their jurisidiction or where they draw authority. We refer to the police as ‘The Law’ and the various functions, whether for public health or taxes, as ‘The County’. Today, I’m drawing a map of the ‘The County’, Fayetteville, WV. Even when going into town to pay your taxes, you’d say “going over to see ‘The County’”. This will ring true for folks back home, and probably for other rural…

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