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Samuel Workman

Professor, Data & Statistical Consultant, West Virginian

Cooler Geometry and COVID-19

How Food Bends the Arc of Time

Samuel Workman

5 minutes read

Like many in the academy, I am lucky. Since self-isolating beginning March 10, my family has lived out of our freezer—chocked full of beef and pork (oddly no chicken, but more on that below). How our freezer is full, and its contents, are what lead me to this short dispatch. The convergence of the pandemic, my upbringing, and oddly, the geometry of coolers, have bent the arc of time and transported me to a simpler life I left long ago. But first, why is my freezer full?

Samuel Workman

9 minutes read

I have spent an academic lifetime compiling original data sets, both in my work and as part of broader research teams. In doing so, I have become quite opinionated about the role of data in science, its collection, and its organization. In this post, I detail four principles of data collection and organization useful to any analyst needing to collect data, whether by hand or machine. Often, students, junior scholars, business analysts, and public managers engage in data collection. Yet, it…

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